What is this Called?

This is an old story which was published last year during the heat of the US presidential campaign. Following are some excerpts form the piece:

The deal involves a cast of influential characters, including the king of Jordan’s brother-in-law, who is suing Harry Sargeant III, a top Florida-based fundraiser for Sen. John McCain’s presidential bid…

Through a company called International Oil Trading Co., or IOTC, Sargeant and a partner have a lucrative contract worth hundreds of millions of dollars per year to supply American military forces in Iraq with fuel, especially aviation fuel. The firm ships the fuel to Jordan and then trucks it across the border, where U.S. forces escort the convoys to air bases….

The lawsuit against Sargeant was filed April 10 in Florida state court by Mohammad Al-Saleh, who is married to the half sister of King Abdullah of Jordan. Al-Saleh’s suit says he essentially brokered Sargeant’s contract by arranging the approval and cooperation of the Jordanian government, using his “connections and influence.” The lawsuit alleges that Al-Saleh arranged for the Jordanian government “to issue a letter of authorization to IOTC.” Al-Saleh’s lawyer, Jonathan Frank, said, “Were it not for my client, they would not have been able to get that letter.”

“Without the letter, you can’t bid,” Al-Saleh said in an interview with NBC News. “Whoever got the letter got the contract.” Al-Saleh says he also arranged a deal with a company owned by the Jordanian Army which ensured that oil could be offloaded at a Jordanian port “without interference, bureaucratic or otherwise.” So in essence a Jordanian Army-owned company was operating as a subcontractorin the IOTC deal.

Although Jordan is not an oil-producing country, unlike other neighbors of Iraq such as Saudi Arabia or Kuwait, the Pentagon had insisted that fuel be brought in through Jordan.[Source]

Leaving the war issue aside, and lets also forget about the involvement of the army in lucrative contracts, what can we call what Mr. Al-salehdid? Networking? Creating a business friendly environment? Encouraging investments in Jordan? I mean WTF!

Are there any real investigative journalists in Jordan? Why don’t someone look into the story? Did Mr.Al-saleh break any laws? Even If he didn’t, why no laws exist to prevent such behaviors?

We need Journalists with Balls, not castrated attack dogs!


Another win for the forces of…

we-shouldn’t-talk-about-how-Aids-can-be-transmitted because this might give the youth an idea on how to go ahead and have sex. It is the same logic behind the catholic church’s stand, where they say that you shouldn’t use condoms because you are not supposed to have sex in the first place. Thus if you were to go ahead and have sex anyway, to hell with your health and the health of others whom you might infect later on.

Some will say that this is not a fair assesment of their argument because they want the focus to be on “moral” and relegious education so that people don’t engage in sexual activities outside marriage. The counter argument would be: People will have sex anyway, this is how it used to be, this is how it is now, and this is how it will be in the future, unless of course the moral authorities decide to implant some sort of device in every hole of every male and female out there.

Hurray for ammon and the great professor


Rumor has it

that King Abdullah II left Qatar early because ” he was received at the airport by a member of the Qatari royal family instead of the emir”. [source]


لسان حاله يقول: احترنا يا قرعة من وين نبوسك

Update on Majali’s interview

This guy never fails to amaze me. Now that he read what he said, he criticized the editors and the interviewers for not “editing” the interview(i.e. didn’t make him look good).


Abdel Hadi El Majali: I am the state.

In his interviewwith Alghad news paper El Mmajali who got to the parliment by collecting less than 4,000 votes offered his diagnosis of the current state of affairs in Jordan.

– Only islamists will benefit from changing the one-man 0ne-vote law.

OK, Mr. Majali, only you and your alikes are benefiting from not changing the law that is specially designed to marginalize Jordanians of Palestinian origin.

– On the regions, which were advocated for by the king, Majali implicitly implies that he is not in its favor.

– On Rawabdeh: He didn’t show up, not my problem.

See, Rawabdeh wants his son to be a minister just like Majali’s son.

– The era of external threats is over, we are now entering the era of internal threats;takfiri ideology is gaining ground, thus we created the national party to offer an alternative for the youth.

Hmmm, great, so I either become a tool for the regime and the likes of majali or I might end up with bin-laden like beard! The underlying tone also implies a call for a “tougher” stance with regards to opposition regardless of its source.

– The new national party main goals will be defending the great national achievements and representing the great majority.

Great! They will be state party. As if we didn’t know that!

– The existence of this party will help the decision maker(i.e. the king) when faced with external pressures.

What he really means: If the king decides to pursue any policies that the party doesn’t agree with,well…

– For years we have been suffering as a result of the weakness of the government, the reason behind such failure is the lack of solid support from the base(i.e. the people).

Mr. Majali, the same thing applies to the Parliament.

– When we are finished with establishing the party, our plan for governing will be ready.

I can imagine the results, and they don’t look pretty.

– Until we reach a state were islamist will loose an election, nothing will change with regards to the elections law.

This is absurd! He is saying: We can’t let them win, so we don’t change anything until some other political party (i.e. my party) is capable of winning the elections.

Plus, check out Mohammad Abu Rummans take on the interview.

On institutionalizing racism, favoritism, and sexism at the same time.

Another Excellent pieceby amman net on the issue of granting citizenship to the children of Jordanian women. 

When taken from the perspective of equality between Jordanian men and women the issue can be viewed through a sexism lens. But when viewed from a HUMAN perspective it becomes a broader issue that epitomize racism and favoritism in our society, and as a result it becomes a taboo issue that touches on everything from national security to the economy. The underlying logic is flawed to say the least. 

Excerpts from the piece that make your stomach turn:

يعود قانون الجنسية الأردنية ساري المفعول إلى العام 1954، حيث تنص المادة الرابعة منه..على أن لكل عربي “الحق” في الإقامة في المملكة الأردنية الهاشمية مدة لا تقل عن خمس عشرة سنة متتالية لكي يحصل على الجنسية الأردنية “بقرار” من مجلس الوزراء “بناء على تنسيب” من وزير الداخلية إذا تخلى عن جنسيته الأصلية بإقرار خطي وكانت قوانين بلاده تجيز له ذلك وبشرط. 

You have to reside in Jordan for 15 years, then you can become a citizen.This decision has to be made by the ministers council given that you give up your other arab nationality. Leaving the unnecessary power granted to the ministers aside, one can see that this law is reflective of a paranoia of arab states, because you can have the nationality of Jordan and any other country that is not arab. The regime at the 50’s maybe feared the ambitions’ of the Syrians, their Iraqi cousins, the Egyptians, and even the Saudis, but I think we are way beyond this era.

And here where it becomes truly sickening:

مصدر رفيع في وزارة الداخلية تمنى عدم التطرق إلى الموضوع نظرا لحساسيته لكنه أكد “حق” الداخلية في عدم إبداء السبب في منع “منح الجنسية أو التجنس” لطالبها.

A senior official in the interior ministry said that this subject should remain off limits due to its sensitivity, stating they they have the right not to disclose the reasons behind such policies. See, they have the right to not give any reasons, but we don’t have the right to ask why. HA.

Amman net ends the piece with their summary of the requirements to become a citizen, some of which are just, well, you decide what they are best described as. 

 On a side note: Queen Rania don’t you think that you should tackle issues that are closer to home? I mean it is a great photo op, but wouldn’t be greater if you worked harder on giving the women of Jordan their rights? Or what about the 25 or so maids that died so far this year in Jordan? Or again, what about the-I d0n’t know how many- honor crime victims? What about the sexual harassment that many of our school children go through? I mean Come on! And by the way, who pays for such trips?

I thought you should know

Will this have any traction?

Don’t get me wrong, I used to have a dog, and I love dogs, but the timing, the destination, the secrecy, and the irony.

شر البلية ما يضحك

Now we know that the veterinarians lost their royal business. We also know that the royal court should comment on the story but they probably won’t and act as if nothing happened. Well, unless the story gets some traction, then they have to throw some Zionist conspiracy BS to explain it.