Today’s Dose of Local news

For God’s sake Abdullah: What about “For God’s sake Jordanian People”! Good reporting on the e-media status in Jordan.

Nahid Hattar: The shit-hole that keeps giving.

Saa’d Elwadi: I am just doing what I am being told, and I have A-holes who clap and cheer.

When Islamists pay a visit to Uncle Sam all hell open loose. Hmm, when will be the next visit by the king to the while house? I remember reading that it was scheduled for February, but it didn’t happen..Hmm, Got a busy signal?

Damn, all that axis of moderation stuff went out the window..Let us play some catch up politics..It sucks to be ignored by “everyone“..Oh well, that’s what happens when you think that you are more influential than  you actually are. 

Let us welcome another dictator to our oasis of democracy.

If you don’t make my son a minister just like Abdel-Hadi’s I won’t shut up.

And Finally, We as MP’s pay most of our paycheck in the form of coffee and tea for our constituents, and “they” make more money than us, plus am I supposed to drive a Hyundai! Be rational People!


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