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Fehed Elfanek: I met with the PM and I think everything is…or maybe not…well…ummm..We’ll wait and see.

Alrai went on an attack spree onHaikal. By the way there is a new book about king hussien which is a must read; the author was granted exclusive access to all of king hussein’s documents including classified ones.

Alghad Joined Alrai, the usually intelligent Mohammad Abu Rumman Fell in the same trap he cautioned against in the opening of his article.

Ammannet also reports on the Haikal fiasco. Again I suggest reading the book I linked to.

Khaled Mahadeen, the new face of press “freedom” in Jordan writes this before his trial. But he also writes this. HA.

The loan shopping spree..One of things we perfected. Oh, worried about radioactive water from disi? Don’t be. It is all a conspiracy. HA.

READ THE BOOK if you can get your hands on it.It will be interesting to see if the book is allowed in Jordan, because the author’s access was granted personally By king Abduallah and Dr. Basem Awadalla.The author also pointed out that there was no pressure on him whatsoever to take a positive stance toward the late king in his book.


2 Responses

  1. you can buy the book at any bookshop here in Jordan. A fascinating read.

  2. Good to know.Thanks!

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