Today’s reform shot

For change to be successful it needs not only vision but courage. Not only words but action. Not only royal initiatives but royal courage with action. If royalty is not willing to take political risks for the sake of social and economic advancement then they should move away. They shouldn’t allow posers,hypocrites, and system beneficiaries to hide behind the royalty of the effort; for if they allow this they should also bare the responsibility. You can’t be engaged without being engaged, you can’t ask us the people not to believe rumors while everything you do is surrounded by secrecy, you can’t ask for transparency while you live in a tinted box.

So for starters what about this:

King Abdullah and Queen Rania, what about a royal initiative to fight honor crimes? What about another one to give the children of Jordanian women their deserved citizenship? Your failure to move on these issue is disappointing(if not downright wrong) to say the least; for you allow them to continue under your watch. Your inaction is an endorsement of our mistakes. The arguments I keep hearing are: The society is not ready or even willing but at the same you also say that we want the people to take action not us. You can’t say that the ball is in our field while you are holding the ball. So, how about this: while you are holding the ball you should do what is right, for what is right will stay right tomorrow, but, an honor killing is wrong today as it was wrong yesterday and will be wrong tomorrow.  

I know it is too much of a political risk, but without courage and action words and vision mean nothing, and maybe before we try to “fix” our image in the west we need to take an honest look in the mirror and ask ourselves: Do we have what it takes to make our country a better place?

Leadership means leading, Period. One can understand the complexities of our political environment, but one can’t understand inaction.


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  1. 100% agree

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