Today’s topic: The case of foreign policy hypocrisy

The Haikal fiascoo is still getting some traction on the leadership level(The usual attack dogs in the media Already tired their . Al-arab Al-yawm reports that the “government” is waiting to see the results of a Saudi mediation effort with Qatar which hosts Aljazeera alongside with the biggest US military base in the region.

My issue with this is threefold:

1- Why do we Blame Qatar for trying to play a bigger role than its actual size while have been doing the same thing since the creation of Jordan?

2- Why should “our” leadership care that they are being “attacked”? From my point of view, a good responce should have been asking Al-jazeera to broadcast a program where the “Jordanian” view is presented alongside with the facts that refute whatever Haikal said which our “leadership” perceive to be not true.

3- The “leadership” in Jordan keeps talking about being open to the “other” and their point of view yet “we” take offense with anything that falls short of praising the regime!

And Jordanian “government”, just get over it! Be the bigger man 😀


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