Show some outrage:Today’s worst persons

Three months for the CRIME of raising an arab country flag! And not any flag, the palastenian flag in a country where more than half of the population are of palastenian origin!

What a Fucking stupid thing to do! This is what happens when power is granted to ignorants!

Update: The website removed the name of the country.


6 Responses

  1. للتخلّف وجوه كثيرة

  2. why is this a crime? dont remember anyone being penalised for this!

    • The new interior minister is pursuing a more aggressive policy, and I think this incident is a result of his policy..If I recall correctly the first thing he did when he took over the ministry two weeks ago was to order an aggressive reinforcement of the “Flag Law”..Also keep in mind that this minister is know for his anti-islamist stance.

  3. What shocked me more, the comments on the article
    I did not expect that there are people in Jordan, such as failure and small minded as that

  4. Now that’s freakin ridiculous .. This country is going to SHIT .. This is by far the worst piece of shit I’ve read since Observer’s post on BAJD.

    I cant take it anymore, I just cant ..

  5. Not good at all.

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