On institutionalizing racism, favoritism, and sexism at the same time.

Another Excellent pieceby amman net on the issue of granting citizenship to the children of Jordanian women. 

When taken from the perspective of equality between Jordanian men and women the issue can be viewed through a sexism lens. But when viewed from a HUMAN perspective it becomes a broader issue that epitomize racism and favoritism in our society, and as a result it becomes a taboo issue that touches on everything from national security to the economy. The underlying logic is flawed to say the least. 

Excerpts from the piece that make your stomach turn:

يعود قانون الجنسية الأردنية ساري المفعول إلى العام 1954، حيث تنص المادة الرابعة منه..على أن لكل عربي “الحق” في الإقامة في المملكة الأردنية الهاشمية مدة لا تقل عن خمس عشرة سنة متتالية لكي يحصل على الجنسية الأردنية “بقرار” من مجلس الوزراء “بناء على تنسيب” من وزير الداخلية إذا تخلى عن جنسيته الأصلية بإقرار خطي وكانت قوانين بلاده تجيز له ذلك وبشرط. 

You have to reside in Jordan for 15 years, then you can become a citizen.This decision has to be made by the ministers council given that you give up your other arab nationality. Leaving the unnecessary power granted to the ministers aside, one can see that this law is reflective of a paranoia of arab states, because you can have the nationality of Jordan and any other country that is not arab. The regime at the 50’s maybe feared the ambitions’ of the Syrians, their Iraqi cousins, the Egyptians, and even the Saudis, but I think we are way beyond this era.

And here where it becomes truly sickening:

مصدر رفيع في وزارة الداخلية تمنى عدم التطرق إلى الموضوع نظرا لحساسيته لكنه أكد “حق” الداخلية في عدم إبداء السبب في منع “منح الجنسية أو التجنس” لطالبها.

A senior official in the interior ministry said that this subject should remain off limits due to its sensitivity, stating they they have the right not to disclose the reasons behind such policies. See, they have the right to not give any reasons, but we don’t have the right to ask why. HA.

Amman net ends the piece with their summary of the requirements to become a citizen, some of which are just, well, you decide what they are best described as. 

 On a side note: Queen Rania don’t you think that you should tackle issues that are closer to home? I mean it is a great photo op, but wouldn’t be greater if you worked harder on giving the women of Jordan their rights? Or what about the 25 or so maids that died so far this year in Jordan? Or again, what about the-I d0n’t know how many- honor crime victims? What about the sexual harassment that many of our school children go through? I mean Come on! And by the way, who pays for such trips?


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  1. last paragraph is very good.

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