Abdel Hadi El Majali: I am the state.

In his interviewwith Alghad news paper El Mmajali who got to the parliment by collecting less than 4,000 votes offered his diagnosis of the current state of affairs in Jordan.

– Only islamists will benefit from changing the one-man 0ne-vote law.

OK, Mr. Majali, only you and your alikes are benefiting from not changing the law that is specially designed to marginalize Jordanians of Palestinian origin.

– On the regions, which were advocated for by the king, Majali implicitly implies that he is not in its favor.

– On Rawabdeh: He didn’t show up, not my problem.

See, Rawabdeh wants his son to be a minister just like Majali’s son.

– The era of external threats is over, we are now entering the era of internal threats;takfiri ideology is gaining ground, thus we created the national party to offer an alternative for the youth.

Hmmm, great, so I either become a tool for the regime and the likes of majali or I might end up with bin-laden like beard! The underlying tone also implies a call for a “tougher” stance with regards to opposition regardless of its source.

– The new national party main goals will be defending the great national achievements and representing the great majority.

Great! They will be state party. As if we didn’t know that!

– The existence of this party will help the decision maker(i.e. the king) when faced with external pressures.

What he really means: If the king decides to pursue any policies that the party doesn’t agree with,well…

– For years we have been suffering as a result of the weakness of the government, the reason behind such failure is the lack of solid support from the base(i.e. the people).

Mr. Majali, the same thing applies to the Parliament.

– When we are finished with establishing the party, our plan for governing will be ready.

I can imagine the results, and they don’t look pretty.

– Until we reach a state were islamist will loose an election, nothing will change with regards to the elections law.

This is absurd! He is saying: We can’t let them win, so we don’t change anything until some other political party (i.e. my party) is capable of winning the elections.

Plus, check out Mohammad Abu Rummans take on the interview.


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