Amman Net Removes the Report about the Royal Family’s Dog

ammannet1At first I was surprised(in a good way) to find that a local media outlet had the guts to mention the story with a link to the source. I checked back Later to see what kind of responses the piece had only to find that it was removed.

It will be intersting to know if it was an act of self censorship, or based on a “request”.

Note:Lately,I have been getting some hits  from the Royal court.


8 Responses

  1. it is already on

  2. oh well, i have to mention that I reached that article from the black-iris’ delicious pickings 😀

  3. Note:Lately,I have been getting some hits from the Royal court.

    إحفظ هاللطش هيك صرت مشهور معارض،بكرة بس تروح على البلاد سيتم احتوائك وترضيتك بموقع وزير.

  4. يعني قولتك؟ ثلثتلف نيرة طول العمر، مع نمرة، مع عضوية أكمن مجلس ادارة على شوية لجان من هون وهناك..بعثات للعيال..يعني اشي مرتب..

  5. I am the director general of ammannet and I can answer your question. Yes it was removed as a result of an angry phone call from the powers to be in Jordan and not as a result of self censorship

  6. Thanks for the reply. I think we already knew the answer. Keep up the good work.

  7. they read much of what is written about them online and if they don’t like what they read they try to get it removed. if that doesnt work they add comments using fake names and send in their posses to try to make whoever writes accurately but negatively about them appear as though they lack credibility. dont fall for it.

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