How much a Jordanian life is worth?

Nothing. For the sake of politics our king receives the president of Syria, where according to ammon, and based on the accounts of a newly released prisoner who spent the last twenty years of his life in one of their dungeons, at least six fellow Jordanian were killed while being held captive by the Syrian authorities. The king enjoyed his lunch with Bashar El asad a couple of weeks ago, while some of his citizens were eating feces in his fellow Arab leader prisons’.

What can he Do? Nothing? Why? Because those poor fellows are worth nothing, and because we as a country can’t do shit to protect our citizens.

Shame on every Jordanian that deals with the syrian regime while his fellow citizens’ liberty and dignity is being humiliated.

Note: As usual the local media doesn’t even have the guts to mention the name of the country..But it is well known to everyone.


2 Responses

  1. The problem is that an Arab life in general is worth little in the Arab world and a Jordanian life in specific is worth little in Jordan so don’t expect anyone to treat us any better. Not other dictators and not Israel and not USA. The devaluation of Arab lives starts with the absence of democracy and the resulting loss of human rights at home and the far reaching ripple effect that follows. It has something with how Egyptian dictator cares more about his wealth then about the millions of Egyptians living in slums. It starts with Arab dictators starving Arabs in Gaza. It starts with the corruption and theft of resources by dictators and their thugs that sends millions of young Arabs to find a decent living in foreign lands and risk their lives and dignity in the process . It starts when dictators starve Arabs in Gaza and and how it We deserve it. Want respect, you fight for it at home before strangers start respecting you. It starts when dictators kidnap and torture Arabs for the benefit of America and their own security. and it goes on and own and own. Fact is, you are as valuable as your other non-Arab passport.

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