Reality check?

As always Fahed El Fanek is in his own lala world. It was ironic that his opinion piece coincided with an interview by alrai with the minister of finance where he was forthcoming about the difficulties that the Jordanian economy faces.

It comes down to this:

1- It doesn’t look good.

2- JD 1.1 Billion in deficit.

3- Government spending which is extremly high relative to our GDP will be tackled with a more futuristic perspective, that is, what is done is done and the mistakes of the past are not retractable.   

4- We will continue begging the donors for more money in the hope that we will somehow become financially independent on the “Medium”(Is this the right word?) run. How different form  “long run” this is we don’t know.

Morale of the story: We will never become an independent country.Our existence is dependent on how much money the regime gets from donors.The use of this money is none of our business, and the price we pay is also a no-no topic. So shut up, suck it up, and keep living until the donors stop giving us money and/or new realities are imposed on us.


3 Responses

  1. il Dick 6oor fahed is like someone holding an apple infested with worms and termites and say “but look its a ripe red apple ! so it must taste good”
    I lub him

  2. Finally, I thought I was the only one who thought this guy is a lunatic!!

  3. Every one with their right mind know he is a lunatic.

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