The king to dissolve the Parliament?

The king to dissolve the Parliament?

Given the unlimited power that the king have(an issue beyond the scope of this post), will he have the guts to do it? Can he challenge Abdel Hadi El majali and his neo-con allies? Does he have the true will to pursue the reforms that he has been promising since he became the King?

Even If he did dissolve the Parliament, will he push for a new election law?Who will draft the new law and will it be legal? We know that the current Parliament won’t pass any law that will insure they will never return to its halls.

The Question remains: Will he do it? If not, then the king must surrender some of his powers to an entity that is willing to take responsibility for any of its action, and entity that is based on the peoples’ will.

What do you think?

On a side note: The Dog story was retracted by the Israeli newspaper.


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  1. Come on .. give the guy a break, his dwag just died !! Lets hope he finds another dog in his trip the Europe.

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