Like father, like son

The Majali Clan, or shall I call the majali royal family is at it again just like they have been at it forever.  Jameel El Nimri of Alghad reports on a case which stinks so bad that I can taste it in my mouth.

Long story short, The “Decent House for Decent Living royal initiative(surprise)” which was supposed to offer affordable living for the poor proved to be an opportunity to steal and suck more blood out of our national “wealth”. Sahel El majali- the son of the all too powerful Abdel hadi El majali- who was the minister of public works and housing created an entity to manage the process. Only two parties participated in the bidding, the military and another coalition called the decent housing coalition, and not surprsingly a main partner in this coalition is a company owned by the one and only Sahel El majali!!

The semi governmental entity was shut by the new minister who switched posts with Sahel El majali in the recent governmental shuffle.

Oh, the manager of the now shut entity was paid a monthly salary of JD8000, and the running cost for that entity which has done absolutely nothing was JD1,000,000. [Source]



5 Responses

  1. Hey JRW, could you add your intellect and ascerbic wit to a post about honor killings?

  2. Kinzi,
    I have read your posts about the issue, and to be honest I don’t think that any of this will change the sad status quo.

    During my short lived blog life I wrote this:

    When you have a society chanting to the girl attempting suicide: “JUMP JUMP”, do you really expect them to care about the life of woman?

    The only way is the hard way, go for the sources of aid and ask for them to cut the aid until something is done about the issue. It is all about the money, the regime won’t do anything unless it involves money. It is too risky, politically, to change the honor crimes law.

    Good luck.

  3. JRW, thanks for the perspective, sad indeed. Sorry I missed your earlier posts, I will add them to my last as links.

    But lets still try, yea?

    I didn’t watch the report on the suicide attempt. I am REALLY sad the male spectators were encouraging her to jump . It really does tie it all together.

  4. No problem kinzi. I think the honor crimes issue and other happennings in our society are only symptoms of a bigger issue. It is an empirical question that requires highly involved research.

    I don’t know what else I can add to the debate beside what already have been said by many. The first step should be changing the law, but that won’t change the mentality, but it is worth it to save any life.

  5. I just worked with this guy and his family for only 3 days but it was long enough to realise they’re some of the biggest fuvming counts in the world.

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