A massive cover up?

A couple of days ago I linkedto a story published on ammannet with regards to some MPs warning  journalists not to report on some of the findings about food safety issues in the past 7 years.

Now here is the interesting part: More than a year ago a small restaurant in jerash was determined to be the cause of the massive poisoning of 360 people. Some MPs, according to this report, are suggesting that the resturant was not the real cause, but something else was. Some of the comments on the story are also suggesting that not many people bought the resturant story at the time.

Now the questions: What was the real cause? Water contamination? Why did some MPs want the details of the reports censored? Are they conspirators? Isn’t it their duty to uncover such stories? What about the owner of the shop? What about his rights?

This stinks!


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