Stupid Watch

Ahhh..The swine-flu with all the accompanying conspiracy theories..A Jordanian “Scientist” specializing in diseases claims that Mecca And Medina are somehow isolated from disease, thus there is no need for the talk about the possible outbreaks that might result from the millions of pilgrims being in extreme proximity while performing Hajj..

Kill them Pigs..Go To hajj..You will be disease free..


A $12,500 Watch gift..

I mean come on now..Do we really need this? Don’t they learn that all the gifts end up in a warehouse..Don’t they also realize that their generous gifts will eventually shame them in the eyes of their people?

I mean isn’t this more risky politically than, lets say, repealing the not-so-tough penalty for honor crimes…

I guess we all know the answer: A disengaged population..Half of it doesn’t really care because they have been marginalized for so long and the other half are being paid(Or scared) off in one way or another..What  better population could a leader wish for? Really?

On suicide attempts..

Maher abu 6eer(z?) from Addusour is suggesting that the authorities let one of those who attempt suicide to go ahead and kill him/herself as a way to fight this “new trend” in Jordan..Abu 6eez doesn’t realize that for a person to get to the point where he/she wants to end his life, there must be something serious going on in their lives( and in our counrty).. His logic is: once someone actually dies others won’t dare to attempt suicide..You are truly a 6eez Mr. Abu 6eer..

Ladies and gentlemen, this article was published in the Paper while Batir Wardam’s article on Censorship was, guess what, censored..

Here is an idea..As a way protest and get international attention I suggest that Jordanians take to the roofs of their houses and apartment building  and attempt suicide..My guess is that Queen Rania won’t be twittwering about how great we are(Compared to Iranians)..By the way, taking to the streets in Jordan as a way to protest is more dangerous than attempting suicide; at least in the first Police talk to you, in the second they beat the sh!t out of you..

Viva Democracy and Hypocrisy..

King Abdullah II on Iran

In his visit to London the king jointly expressed with Gordon Brown their shared “concern at developments in Iran following the contested election. They said the regime needed to react to protests with restraint and to avoid violence.” [Source]

That leaves one wondering if his Majesty would have had the same reaction if the Jordanian people took to the streets after the 2007 rigged elections? Hmm…

One also has to wonder when will his Majesty “grant” his people the right to freely protest and organize?

My guess: Not anytime soon…