Corruption squared

Alarab Alyawm reports on the ministers council approving the duty free car policy which has now became a state policy for  paying off MPs and others. What is different about this is that the 16 MPs had already gotten their duty free pay-off since they are military retirees. The previous policy which was overridden by the new decision only gave the MPs a 50% discount on their duties which has now been risen to 100%.

Original text:

وافق مجلس الوزراء امس الاول على منح 16 نائبا اعفاء جمركيا كاملا لسياراتهم مخالفا بذلك القرار الحكومي الذي منحهم خصما قدره 50% كونهم كانوا قد استفادوا من اعفاءات جمركية سابقة كمتقاعدين عسكريين.


Today’s worst persons in Jordan..

Omar Klab: I know Jordan is pursuing a role bigger than its actual size, but hey if that what the king wants then it is the best policy, and maybe someday we can conquer Syria, Iraq, and maybe Hijaz.

Feisal ElFayez: I don’t know why people are complaining! We are perfect, we are a constitutional monarchy! Oh and the people of  Jordan are not ready yet! Also the king knows his “true” loyalists(wink wink). And before I go, let me say it again, Everything is purrfffeectoo.

Sameer Hyari: We want people who are not ass-kissers to the regime. That’s cool , but I guess your site will become an echo chamber if you do that.

Today’s Worst Person in Jordan is….

Dr. Fayez Eltarawneh had this to say: Blah, Blah, Blah..

A-kissing grade: 9.50