The king’s brother in law involvement in the Iraq war.Now with Documents.

Remember this? Mohammad Al-saleh used his relationship to the  king in the documents and in the case against Henry Sargeant III and Mustafa Abu-Naba’a. If I were the King I would really be pissed off- unless I had a stake in this.

Now leaving the ethical issues aside, what the fuck is this! I mean come on!

The case file can be found here.


A massive cover up?

A couple of days ago I linkedto a story published on ammannet with regards to some MPs warning  journalists not to report on some of the findings about food safety issues in the past 7 years.

Now here is the interesting part: More than a year ago a small restaurant in jerash was determined to be the cause of the massive poisoning of 360 people. Some MPs, according to this report, are suggesting that the resturant was not the real cause, but something else was. Some of the comments on the story are also suggesting that not many people bought the resturant story at the time.

Now the questions: What was the real cause? Water contamination? Why did some MPs want the details of the reports censored? Are they conspirators? Isn’t it their duty to uncover such stories? What about the owner of the shop? What about his rights?

This stinks!

Corruption squared

Alarab Alyawm reports on the ministers council approving the duty free car policy which has now became a state policy for  paying off MPs and others. What is different about this is that the 16 MPs had already gotten their duty free pay-off since they are military retirees. The previous policy which was overridden by the new decision only gave the MPs a 50% discount on their duties which has now been risen to 100%.

Original text:

وافق مجلس الوزراء امس الاول على منح 16 نائبا اعفاء جمركيا كاملا لسياراتهم مخالفا بذلك القرار الحكومي الذي منحهم خصما قدره 50% كونهم كانوا قد استفادوا من اعفاءات جمركية سابقة كمتقاعدين عسكريين.

A new Sahel Majali Mega Project

I don’t know what one should do when he/she reads something like this.

OK, here are my issues:

1- Sahel El Majali is talking about it. It is a multi-billion project.

2- How they came up with the numbers is beyond my mental abilities.

3- Why link with authoritarian regimes that are much powerful than our authoritarian regime? This rail will add another source of dependency on parties that can’t be trusted.

4- The Government has allocated around $140 million for land acquisition. Of course, you need to know where the track will go before you can buy the land. Someone will buy the land with dirt cheap prices and sell it to the government at a much higher price. Isn’t this how the infrastructure business is done in Jordan?

Access to information=money.

Like father, like son

The Majali Clan, or shall I call the majali royal family is at it again just like they have been at it forever.  Jameel El Nimri of Alghad reports on a case which stinks so bad that I can taste it in my mouth.

Long story short, The “Decent House for Decent Living royal initiative(surprise)” which was supposed to offer affordable living for the poor proved to be an opportunity to steal and suck more blood out of our national “wealth”. Sahel El majali- the son of the all too powerful Abdel hadi El majali- who was the minister of public works and housing created an entity to manage the process. Only two parties participated in the bidding, the military and another coalition called the decent housing coalition, and not surprsingly a main partner in this coalition is a company owned by the one and only Sahel El majali!!

The semi governmental entity was shut by the new minister who switched posts with Sahel El majali in the recent governmental shuffle.

Oh, the manager of the now shut entity was paid a monthly salary of JD8000, and the running cost for that entity which has done absolutely nothing was JD1,000,000. [Source]


Your MPs want you to eat shit

without the need to know about it. So If you ate shit and you are still alive why do you care to know if something you ate was actually shit.

Rationale: Stability of food consumption norms, and to avoid “panic”.

Courtesy of your MPs.

What is this Called?

This is an old story which was published last year during the heat of the US presidential campaign. Following are some excerpts form the piece:

The deal involves a cast of influential characters, including the king of Jordan’s brother-in-law, who is suing Harry Sargeant III, a top Florida-based fundraiser for Sen. John McCain’s presidential bid…

Through a company called International Oil Trading Co., or IOTC, Sargeant and a partner have a lucrative contract worth hundreds of millions of dollars per year to supply American military forces in Iraq with fuel, especially aviation fuel. The firm ships the fuel to Jordan and then trucks it across the border, where U.S. forces escort the convoys to air bases….

The lawsuit against Sargeant was filed April 10 in Florida state court by Mohammad Al-Saleh, who is married to the half sister of King Abdullah of Jordan. Al-Saleh’s suit says he essentially brokered Sargeant’s contract by arranging the approval and cooperation of the Jordanian government, using his “connections and influence.” The lawsuit alleges that Al-Saleh arranged for the Jordanian government “to issue a letter of authorization to IOTC.” Al-Saleh’s lawyer, Jonathan Frank, said, “Were it not for my client, they would not have been able to get that letter.”

“Without the letter, you can’t bid,” Al-Saleh said in an interview with NBC News. “Whoever got the letter got the contract.” Al-Saleh says he also arranged a deal with a company owned by the Jordanian Army which ensured that oil could be offloaded at a Jordanian port “without interference, bureaucratic or otherwise.” So in essence a Jordanian Army-owned company was operating as a subcontractorin the IOTC deal.

Although Jordan is not an oil-producing country, unlike other neighbors of Iraq such as Saudi Arabia or Kuwait, the Pentagon had insisted that fuel be brought in through Jordan.[Source]

Leaving the war issue aside, and lets also forget about the involvement of the army in lucrative contracts, what can we call what Mr. Al-salehdid? Networking? Creating a business friendly environment? Encouraging investments in Jordan? I mean WTF!

Are there any real investigative journalists in Jordan? Why don’t someone look into the story? Did Mr.Al-saleh break any laws? Even If he didn’t, why no laws exist to prevent such behaviors?

We need Journalists with Balls, not castrated attack dogs!