King Abdullah II on Iran

In his visit to London the king jointly expressed with Gordon Brown their shared “concern at developments in Iran following the contested election. They said the regime needed to react to protests with restraint and to avoid violence.” [Source]

That leaves one wondering if his Majesty would have had the same reaction if the Jordanian people took to the streets after the 2007 rigged elections? Hmm…

One also has to wonder when will his Majesty “grant” his people the right to freely protest and organize?

My guess: Not anytime soon…


Abbas to get two

new Russian lets-get-the-fuck-outta-here helicopters.

Destination:Where else, Amman.

Rumor has it

that King Abdullah II left Qatar early because ” he was received at the airport by a member of the Qatari royal family instead of the emir”. [source]


لسان حاله يقول: احترنا يا قرعة من وين نبوسك

News Dose

Fehed Elfanek: I met with the PM and I think everything is…or maybe not…well…ummm..We’ll wait and see.

Alrai went on an attack spree onHaikal. By the way there is a new book about king hussien which is a must read; the author was granted exclusive access to all of king hussein’s documents including classified ones.

Alghad Joined Alrai, the usually intelligent Mohammad Abu Rumman Fell in the same trap he cautioned against in the opening of his article.

Ammannet also reports on the Haikal fiasco. Again I suggest reading the book I linked to.

Khaled Mahadeen, the new face of press “freedom” in Jordan writes this before his trial. But he also writes this. HA.

The loan shopping spree..One of things we perfected. Oh, worried about radioactive water from disi? Don’t be. It is all a conspiracy. HA.

READ THE BOOK if you can get your hands on it.It will be interesting to see if the book is allowed in Jordan, because the author’s access was granted personally By king Abduallah and Dr. Basem Awadalla.The author also pointed out that there was no pressure on him whatsoever to take a positive stance toward the late king in his book.

Today’s Best and Worst persons in Jordan

Best persons in jordan:

Naseem Tarawneh: For having the guts to say this and this.

Qwaider: For organizing Blog about Jordan Day.

Mab3oos: For being Mab3oos.


Todays Worst Persons in Jordan are:

Whoever wrote this Shit: Yes dear, it is the root of all evils.

Roya ElBassam: For Real, get of the guy’s back, it is becoming sillier by the day.

Ammon: For giving a Platform to shitholes like the previous two.

Abdel Hadi Elmajali: Trashing the parliment is paramount to trashing the Jordanian people. Really? Your parliment represent at best 5 percent of the population.

Get over it

Our friends just found something to play with. A kuwaiti paper reported on a 15 year old Jordanian girl having sex for money in kuwait. They didn’t have issue with the age of the girl. They had issue with the kuwaiti paper mentionning she was Jordanian. So, here we go…

Fayez Elfayez: Kuwaitis(well not the ruling family) are just a collectionof the worst people on the earth. Good thing that Fayez isn’t wasting his a-kissing skills while trashing the people of another country.

Oh, and with regards to ignoring jordan from the summit in Saudi Arabia, it looks like we have no problem with no body so why be there..HA.

And finally, FOR GOD’S SAKE leave the guy alone.

Today’s Dose of Local news

For God’s sake Abdullah: What about “For God’s sake Jordanian People”! Good reporting on the e-media status in Jordan.

Nahid Hattar: The shit-hole that keeps giving.

Saa’d Elwadi: I am just doing what I am being told, and I have A-holes who clap and cheer.

When Islamists pay a visit to Uncle Sam all hell open loose. Hmm, when will be the next visit by the king to the while house? I remember reading that it was scheduled for February, but it didn’t happen..Hmm, Got a busy signal?

Damn, all that axis of moderation stuff went out the window..Let us play some catch up politics..It sucks to be ignored by “everyone“..Oh well, that’s what happens when you think that you are more influential than  you actually are. 

Let us welcome another dictator to our oasis of democracy.

If you don’t make my son a minister just like Abdel-Hadi’s I won’t shut up.

And Finally, We as MP’s pay most of our paycheck in the form of coffee and tea for our constituents, and “they” make more money than us, plus am I supposed to drive a Hyundai! Be rational People!